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Prompt: Walking through a dark asylum. Voices call out, what do they say? Read More

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The walnut is, perhaps, one of the most widely known and favorite delicacies. It is used as the main ingredient in many cuisines of the world and, thanks to its benefits, has won many fans. Since childhood, everyone has been told about how indispensable it is for health. But this… Read More

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Yesterday News is a wild newspaper written by anyone who wants to write for it. If you want to write for Yesterday News, contact This issue is a little bit old. Read More
Some of us long to relive memories. Others wish to dream of what may never be. But the only time that really matters, that actually exists, is only now, only today. Do not anticipate that tomorrow will bring success. Make it happen today. Because Tomorrow Will Never Come. To see… Read More

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We seem to embrace the concept of diversity. Unfortunately, we really don't know what it means. Fear and hate preclude true diversity or equality. Empathy and understanding is the only path. There are no shortcuts. Keep an open mind. To appreciate the cover image, Visit article on my website: Read More
Tells the incredible true story of how James Dyson's life turned around completely in the one year that "Life Cycles Theory" predicts ie. the age of 36. He went from being broke and relying on his wife's salary and loans to get by, to making his 'big discovery' of an… Read More
There is lots of talk on the talk shows, podcasts and the internet about an impending economic crash. But is it real, or just a bunch of hype? Were you aware that this very thing is foretold in the Bible in at least two places? It has come to my… Read More

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Sometimes we tend to forget all of the simple pleasures of life. It's not as complicated as some of us may think. Focus on those things that are available to all of us, each and every day. The cover is a very nice image that you can see in high… Read More

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If you have ever thought about god does it not seem probable that he knows exactly which one is the true belief? This is a simple muse. The beginning of the question. The search for the reason why. Or why not. To appreciate the cover in a high def image,… Read More

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This is an introductory piece for my website where I retain most of my work. It is a manifesto of sorts. There is an intent to write stories and eventually a novel. Lots of ideas. Not a lot of direction as of yet. But I need to write and… Read More

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This Spirit Space house article explores the differences between the way of spirit and that of religion. Read More

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January 11, 2019

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why women especially in africa give- in to pressure from families and how it affects their dreams. ways a person can cope under pressure and things to do. Read More
Since anti-government demonstrations erupted throughout Iran in December 2017 , strikes have become a popular way for citizens of different walks of life and social classes to protest the corruption and inefficiency of the Iranian regime. Read More