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This is the second part to the story The Hunter's Game, which will now follow Tanner Blackhart as he tries to rescue Garret, his only friend and partner, from the clutches of sadistic fellow vampire Lucenec, who in turn has challenged Tanner to find them before it is too late… Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 16, 2019

The old Queen of Ladorina is assassinated and her young daughter becomes the puppet of the head of her council of advisors. The Kingdom itself is on the verge of war from outside and within. Will the young Queen be able to break free and lead her Kingdom out of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Time doesn’t heal anything, it just teaches us how to live with pain. It has all lead to this. A new war between Teshika and Warlocks has begun, a war that has spread across Alvenguard like wild fire. King Arthur fights on the Teshika’s side, remaining loyal… Read More

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"Amazing prologue. And you know what? It's still the same, with you not giving too much about what's to come. Final book for volume 1 huh? I'm ex..." Read More

Book / Romance

January 11, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Laurie felt like her world was crumbling down around her. When she's given a second chance at it, it still doesn't seem to be getting any better. She needs to find herself and what she wants from life to once and for all be happy like she deserves. Read More
Magus Darkblood is lonely vampire rock star, who longs for a love that will inspire him. Dasia DeMartine is a woman with a deep soul and the ability to feels another emotions. Dasia is sensing the emotions of Magus and is the connection that will bring them together. Read More

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This is part 2 of Vampire knight Lovers betrayal. Read More
Tanner Blackhart is a cold-blooded murderer that just happens to be a vampire. His intensity and ferocity during his kills unsettle his human companion Garrett, who begins to suspect they are being followed and hunted themselves. This story is connected to my previous novel The Lurkers (2018) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story about Yuki after she left Cross with Kaname. To marry and have his child. Only to realize that she is madly in love with her best friend. Zero. This is an adult fan fic! I do not own the characters to this, but the story is… Read More
Erica Moore is a teenager in Tennessee. When she meets Tracey Lowe, a vampire, her life changes forever. Read More
forced to attend Mimi's school for monsters, Kori, a human meets all kinds of strange and unusual creatures all while dealing with Mimi’s obvious crush on him. Read More
She's just a hot little woman who lives int he apartment across the way.............. Read More
A vampire named Alina is falling for a vampire hunter named Kevin. Will they be able to have a relationship when destiny is pulling them apart. Read More

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Josey Jacobsen has survived losing her true love...twice. When Archer Grayson walks into her life a third time, Josey must choose between letting him go or taking one more chance on love. As a two hundred year old vampire in New Orleans, Josey has seen her share of stories. However,… Read More
Rhiannon Donovan, daughter to the vampire Queen, would rather die than be made a bride to a demon Lord. Aijyn, courtesan to the undead Daimyo of Kansai, can think of nothing more horrifying than his promise of eternal life. In the halls of the Blood Lotus Temple, the two women… Read More

Book / Horror

December 13, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Caleb Lawrence found a map to the final resting place of the original scourge of the night, a vampire who is well known to have sat on mountains of blood-soaked wealth. Now, the confidence man only needs to find the vamp and have him lead him to the love… Read More

Book / Horror

December 12, 2018

The Lurkers is a story about what can happen when people forget about the past. Once everyone in Tahura knew about the dangers of the creatures known as The Lurkers and they feared the night and stayed away from the forests and highlands upon nightfall. But centuries later villagers have… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 06, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Arryn Daerieth, Lord Daerieth to most, a master swordsman, a skilled mage. Will he be able to handle the challenges presented in the road ahead? Attempts on his life? Crayeanad will have many dangers in wait for him. Read More
This is my first completed story "The Cultures of Love". I wrote it back in 2009 but have recently started editing it which is why it's still "In Progress". The Cultures of Love tells the story of two teenage boys, Jared Dean and Lucian Lovell who attend a prestigious school… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(**This book contains mature and explicit content**) Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real. Among the darkness of Hamelin, Germany, the darkest of all evils lingers. The group hear rumors of another Elemental at large and follow whatever leads they can find to locate… Read More

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"This is a great start to what sounds like an exciting book :D I dont have anything to say really. its just solid all around :D I love the poem i..." Read More

Will has fallen for beautiful Claire, a mysterious girl who seems popular, and gets along well enough with others. What is her secret, the one thing that keeps her hidden in the night? Read More

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The rules have always been there. They were a part of life, in place to keep us safe. Or rather, in place to keep the upper class safe, and the undesirables far, far away. Now, the death of a powerful vampire lord and civil rights activist has dredged up… Read More
London, England, 1822. Simon Beaumont is a twelve year old boy who trespassers at the haunted Mist Gate Cemetery in England. When he meets several vampires, he is bitten by one of them, and is turned into one of the undead. Consequently, he becomes embroiled in a bitter war that… Read More

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The Original Tales House

Romulus, his loves, Kat, and Raxa, are on the hunt for a rare gem called the bloodstone. Accidentally grabbing a daemon stone that was placed in the cave with the bloodstones, Romulus is teleported to another dimension. He must fight his way back to his homeland, Emrys, and to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

As Simon Beaumont struggles to live his life a vampire in London, England, Holly begins to take her own revenge on the vampires. The first sequel to Vampires of Mist Gate. Read More
Nova Elizabeth Ricket. If you heard her name you would have absolutely no clue who she is, unless you were a vampire or a werewolf. Nova has spent her entire life being groomed into a ruthless killing machine by her grandfather. After the death of her family at age 11,… Read More
'This world has become too crowded. The numbers need to be contained. We, the Gods, have devised the perfect method. Humanity, you are Two. Two for the crimes you have committed. Two for your ideas of world domination. Good luck Two.' Two humans from opposite ends of the world struggle… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Ed Brownlee is having to cope with moving to the suburbs and to a new school. These are not the only changes he is going to face. Cover designed by Booksie's Markie Bee. Read More
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