Another Bit Of Madness

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Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



This is a compilation between Hullabaloo22 and myself:


Today, just when I thought sanity had returned,

another bit towards insanity was earned,


Breaking news of another Paris attack

put another mark on the wall, this one colored black


No one yet knows if it was an odd crazy, or a plot

planned by a terrorist, who's sure to be caught,


but I'm afraid the result will be the same.

People are scared, worried by this deadly game


'Slam the doors, build a wall, let no more foreigners in'

more innocents tarred with the same brush, keep them from their kin.


Trust is something that’s becoming almost totally extinct

when all of these atrocities make us not know just what to think.


Where acceptance was becoming not a dirty word

and tolerance was something beginning to be heard


Suspicion now is rife again, and fear is running high

maybe we should pause and spend a moment asking ‘Why?’


We won’t know the answer but whatever we do hear

is guaranteed to heighten all our feelings of real fear.



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