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.... finally found True Love in the Lord, our God...

Submitted: July 02, 2012

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Submitted: July 02, 2012



I’m just one out of billions of people in this world.
Was it wrong to live in a way that you knew you’re comfortable with?
I'm not one of those you already knew, so, don’t ever compare me to them.
I’m just being true to myself, I didn’t want to be in someone’s shadow.


I knew there are a lot of people misjudging only in what they’d seen
And known from what they heard without knowing the real story behind it.
Not all people can understand the things you want them to be understood.
Some can just misinterpret those things you want them to know accurately.


The crisis from the majority – lacking of understanding.
We have no right to judge because no one is perfect.
There’s nothing wrong in being blissful.
But if abused it, it will twisted into a sin.


I believe that being able to understand certain things lead into a peaceful living.
Being able to know what's right and wrong lead us into right path in life.
Being able to know our limitations lead us to be a better person.
Being able to avoid temptations bring us closer to God.


It is really hard to let go of something you loved the most.
But if we truly love God, we can sacrifice everything even our happiness.
If we truly love God, we are able to do the right ones without thinking twice.
If we do, we have found ‘TRUE LOVE’ in the Lord, our God.


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