a poem called error

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“We are accidents,
to happen”

-from the song, “There There,” by Radiohead

Submitted: October 08, 2011

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Submitted: October 08, 2011



error provides us the ability to


it allows for the creation of unspecified, unimagined,

sporadic & random possibilities

to rear their head &

in that,

those who are to afraid to step outside the lines that

have been

drawn for years around them

(before one was born & continuing after one dies),

lose their inhibitions &

their former inclination

to stay afraid---

soon thereafter,

the path divides, prioritizes,



an essential part in the overall puzzle

where one finds a new manner of life---

one which brings with it the ceasing of any previous

slavish mentality

one which brings with it a new strength & a sense of

community with others who have

stopped hating themselves for things that have gone

wrong in their individual pasts or for reasons that

seem completely immaterial now

one which brings an understanding that when

so-called errors themselves are incorporated into the

very fabric of human progress,

that the saying

“anything is possible,”

begins to take on a whole other meaning,

one in which all voices should be offered because

to deny one,

is to deny all---

and from there begins spontaneous combustion

from there,

that once rare glimpse of “what can be” (bringing with

it a positive light)

stares back in the face of those that have refused to

cast away themselves

because of mistakes,

or what were once thought to be

“bad hands”

at the poker table of life---

now, everyone gets their own deck,

dealing inward towards the middle of the table---

only from that pile

will any real winning follow.


do not close the valve on the electricity,

that which flows in the veins when the pulse beats


for when the ideas come blasting like an atom


the worst crime would be to

block them or toss them in the garbage.

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