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(**This book contains mature and Explicit content**) Just like our eyes, our hearts have a way of adjusting to the dark. A week after leaving Japan, the group arrive in Transylvania, Romania in search of their next Elemental target, a place so dark and twisted that it seemed almost unreal.… Read More

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"Definitely drawn in by this prologue, i love Vampires! Nice simple introduction a multiple characters and a nicely put together back story that..." Read More

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"Mary meets Mr. Shiny is an unconventional tale of Mr. Shiny, the glasses and Mary, the ant. Irritable, yet amusing, gentle and wise, Mr. Shiny was once cherished by his proud owner, Danielle, a plump teen girl. Danielle has given up on Mr. Shiny leaving him locked in the closet… Read More

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beauty inside me???? chapter one(1) the couple ahmad and amina were waiting for the arrival of their first child, a boy or a girl. this was the fetus that did not come out alive until now. it was their great dream, which was a good beginning to continue their love… Read More
A book review on a third instalment to a series I am reading. Read More
God's ultimate creations is a Christian Children's story in which the main character, 4 year old Nichole, kindly describes all the shining stars in her life as she appears to be quite knowledgeable. She speaks very thoughtfully with the deepest devotions as she learns about life in general. This story… Read More

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Book review for Hacker by Malorie Blackman. Read More
book review by Mia Kulomar Read More
Book review by Ruby Joyce Read More

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Book review by Hannah Read More
A book review by Ethan Read More

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Book review by Milly Gibbins Read More
IM GOING TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!!! Sam said he would give me some money if I painted the fence, I asked him how much he told me and I was so happy. It is enough to buy 2 train tickets. Me and mama are going back to New York! Read More
A beautiful retelling of the first Christmas for young French-speaking children or children who are learning French. Read More
I,InfiniterulersZQ love making book reviews and this is one of them. To see more book reviews, go to youtube to find my account. Thx for reading :D Read More

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A rhyming, fiddle-playing bear stars in this unusual allegory. Read More

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This is a review of a book I recently read called Scarlett. Read More

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While waiting for santa a child wonders what she will get for christmas. She also begins to wonder how santa will get there. wouldn't it be great if santa came by a rocket, a plane? She decides to stay awake and find out. Read More
This delightful children’s book is a story about Savannah and her traveling father. When Savannah was younger, her Dad was often away from home for work. They missed each other greatly. Her Dad would call her every night while he was away. He'd ask her for ideas of what she… Read More

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This is a review on the story that captivated 3 people. Hayley and Melissa is a story based on two friends of whom are both stereo typed to each other but are very good friends. Read More