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Alone in the room, you sit and stare into the computer screen, typing away at your masterpiece when you feel a cool chill rest upon your back. The room had been toasty and almost suffocating before yet now this airish touch has unnerved your sensibilities. In your mind lurks the question, what is there? Is it friendly? Or did you forget you turned the window AC on? What awaits behind your back? Turning your head, what do you see?


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Im in


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This is brilliant, Akumakaze. I'll certainly be giving it a go.


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This is pretty cool Akumakaze!


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Thanks, I tried to make it as vague as possible to stimulate your imaginations. This could be ghostly as well since it has that property to it. Once I get home I'm going to try it myself.


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I went with the idea of a ghost.


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These two are great. I'm still waiting to see Kossettes version though. I can already imagine a ferocious demon breathing over his shoulder, forcing him to write the manuscript for the Bible of the Dead or something along those lines. I still haven't gotten my attempt at my own prompt done yet but its coming.

Hully's story had me creeped out 'til right near the very end and I've definitely got to try to simulate that same experience in my own, except with my own unique blend of madness to it.


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I did the thing