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Chapter 4 (v.1) - I am WHAT!!!

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



Weeks went by and I noticed I did not have my period at first I thought maybe my cycle was changing but the end of the month came and I somehow decided to just do a pregnancy test, to me it was for fun at first until it came out positive, I tried one more time and it still came out positive and then tried again for the third time and it still came out positive I began to panic in the bathroom. What do I tell mom, what do I tell Noah, what will people say? I sat on the floor and started crying, no these pregnancy tests are wrong I need to go to the hospital so I stood up and lied to my parents that I was going to see Noah. I got to the hospital and after running some test the doctor came back with the results; I was shaking inside.

“We ran some test and congratulations you are pregnant”

Hearing him say the word pregnant, I burst into tears and started sobbing like a baby, the doctor soon realized I was not happy about it. He placed his hands on my shoulders and said it is going to be alright. I asked him

“What am I going to do, my parents will kill me” and I continued crying.

“You have three options, abort it, give it up for adoption or keep it”.

These were all huge choices, I knew I was never going to abort my child so it was going to be between keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption, after thinking for a while, I decided I was going to keep it, I knew how this was going to affect my life but I could never give my own child for adoption, no matter what anyone told me. I stood up and left the hospital with tears in my eyes, I called Noah to tell him everything, I was still crying, he asked where I was and I told him I was at a coffee shop a few minutes later he walked in he sat next to me and held me.

“Stop crying, it is going to be alright” he whipped my tears while he said it

“What will people think of me, they will insult me”.

“Who cares, I am here for you and we are going to raise this child together”

Hearing him say that put a smile on my face, he told me he was not ready to be a dad but he was never going to ask or let me get an abortion and he was never going to let me give his child up for adoption. He said he had no experience in taking care of a child but he was going to learn. I called Emma to tell her as well, she was shocked and worried but go a little less worried when I told her I had told Noah and he said he was going to stay with me all through. Now all that was left where my parents. How do I tell them? I decided I was going to take a walk home so, it would give me a long time to figure out how I was going to break the news to my parents, Noah was right beside me, chatting with someone. He is always chatting and some people might think does he have another girl he is hooking up with, I should check his phone, but I have never thought that way. I believe in privacy, if you can doubt your own boyfriend then do you really trust him, yeah I know sometimes girls can be unpredictable and only the stupid guys cannot see through their plans. I mean you tell a girl, I have a girlfriend and yet she still wants to hook up with you, she knows what she is doing, and most guys think they do too but at the end of the day, the girl you truly love dumps you when she finds out and the girl that caused the break up leaves you for another guy. I know sometimes I am super curious to go through his phone but what I don’t know wouldn’t hurt me right? Wait what if he is actually cheating and he realizes he can’t be a father later on and leaves me for whichever bitch he is having an affair with, I would be a single mother. What do I tell my child when they are older, how do I do it all on my own?. I begin to panic on the inside and my facial expression changes.

“You look really worried, Is something wrong”

“Not really, I am just scared, what do I tell my parents, they practically think I am still a virgin”

We got to my house and I told Noah not to come in with me, this was something I thought would be better if I did on my own and I was scared Dad, would murder him in cold blood. I walked in and just mom and Lin were home, I sighed and closed the door, now I have to tell them separately or I will wait till dad gets home. Lin saw me and ran over to hug me. I hugged her back.

“Hey Lin, what fun stuff did you do today without me”

No matter how angry or down I was I always tried to hide it from Lin, she was a kid and I did not want her to worry at such a young age, her life is supposed to be about happiness and joy, she can start having life issues when she is a teenager, mom and dad, never argued in front of her or showed her they were angry or sad, we all just wanted Lin to be happy.

“I went to the water park with Hudson and his mom”, and then we bought ice cream”

“And you did not leave any for me?” I said with a surprised look on my face then I tickled her, untilshe was laughing hard

“Okay kiddo, go and continue playing”

Without saying a word, she ran off, I turned and looked at my mom and my facial expression changed. If only I could avoid telling my parents, I would be so happy but I have to because eventually, they will find out but why is it so hard. I mean anytime I have a problem I find it easy to tell mom but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Mom was setting the dining table for dinner, I was not sure if it was the right time so I went up to my room but later went down to tell her, ‘because I did not want to tell dad, she was in the kitchen making dinner when I met her. Okay, Armani Don’t freak out she is your mom right, she will love you no matter what right?.

“Mom I have something I have to tell you,” I said to her while looking at our kitchen tiled floor I couldn’t look at her in the face.

“Not now sweetie, I am busy”

“But mom, I have to tell you now or I would not be able to tell you later”

“Let’s talk about whatever it is okay, now go and check if your dad’s home”

“Mom just listen to me” I began to get annoyed, why doesn’t she want to listen to me

“Armani, I said not now, you are acting impatient today, what is wrong with you”

I got really angry and without think anything through, I shouted

“I am pregnant”

then I froze like I had just shot someone for the first time, mom dropped the spatula she was holding, Lindsay had heard what was going on and she ran into the kitchen

“You are what, “My mom said with a stutter

“You are pregnant”

I began to cry, this was all too much for me and not everyone knows yet, so I imagine if everyone knew about it. Without saying another word, mom walked out of the kitchen. I followed her, begging her to talk to me, but she refused, dad came home and he could sense the tension going on, he asked mom what had happened and mom would not listen to me, then he asked me and I could not tell him and he did not want to ask Lin because he didn’t want to get involved so for a whole week mom refused to talk to me. No matter how much I tried she just wouldn’t talk to me, I was so unhappy I had never seen mom that mad before, she was the same with everyone else but with me, everything had changed completely. Noah had not told his parents yet, said they traveled again for another business meeting. It is like out of the twelve months in a year, Noah only got to see them twice maybe three if he was lucky, so the majority of the time he had the whole house to himself, which meant more parties. No one in school had found out yet about my pregnancy so apart from my mom everything else seemed the same. 

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