War Story

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Luke visits home briefly in 1938 and finds Two Clouds changed. Then his friends give him quite a shock with some news he never expected.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - 1938 A Different World

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By 1938 the world was radically different.  The eastern half of the globe was basically at war with each other and in the United States there was tension and fear of what could be.  

Around this time Luke was given a brief leave from a Fort Maclarey and had arrived to Two Clouds to find only Clyde and Daniel there to greet him.  As they hugged and drove to their spot by the river, Luke wanted to know what was going on.

"You are not going to believe it, Luke.  It's like we have all gone mad or something,"- Daniel stated.

Luke looked at him and saw Daniel looked a bit different from the last time he'd seen him.

"What's going on?"

"A while ago...we all made a promise to each other...after your last visit from the base.  We realize that the world is getting crazier every day...and we feel that we can't just stand here doing nothing while the world around us is being destroyed," -Daniel stated.

Luke looked down, fearing his friends' next statement.

"We decided to do something about it, the way you did.  That way we will be prepared for whatever comes around.  Luke...we, and I mean all of us, we joined the Army!"- Clyde stated.

Luke couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You what?  You...joined the Army?  Daniel?  Clyde-you?  But why?  You don't need to do this to yourself! I mean you have everything!"

Clyde looked away and shook his head a little.  He then said -"Everything?  Luke, after what I have seen out there," he motioned towards the east with his finger, "I find I cannot go on here as if what is happening in the East doesn't matter.  This year my family and I visited China.  This was just before the Japanese troops invaded Shanghai.  Luke, you should have seen the chaos and looting when the people heard that an invasion was imminent.  It was...Hell on Earth then...and imagine what it is like now?"

Luke listened as his friends gave him their reasons for doing what he himself had done in 1936. 

"Then...you are going to become a pilot?"-he asked Clyde who nodded.

"If God wills it.  Maybe I'll see Alexander out there.  He is training to be a pilot too, you know."

"And you Daniel?  What will you do?"

"Same as you, friend.  Army infantry."

Luke scratched his chin as he tried to comprehend what was happening.  He then remembered and asked about Llewelynn.

"Lel is in the Army now too.  They have positions were they are training people for the medical core.  I didn't figure she'd go into the military, but it was she who decided it first and then we sort of got into it too. We heard now tho that the Army is training men and women to send out into the field and not just in the base hospitals.  So...if the war does hit us, Lel might be one of the few who is actually sent out there," Daniel added.

The three friends talked on until mid afternoon by which time Clyde suddenly handed Luke a folded up letter and said he had to get going.  Daniel patted Luke and said he had to go too, as he had a get together with his family.

Luke walked home and opened the letter that he'd been given.  He smiled in surprise.

It was a letter from Llewelynn from before her leaving Two Clouds for training.  She had apparently left it in the care of Clyde for when Luke made his return.  It read:

Dear Luke,

By the time you receive this letter I will be long gone.  I have found my own calling in the Army's Medical Core and I hope to become a great addition to our country.  How I wish I could have seen you one more time before I left.  God, how I miss you and constantly imagine you out here with me in the camp.  I'm sorry if I sound sentimental but some feelings just cannot be helped.  Out here there is lots to learn and do but I am lonely and I miss home so much.  I miss us, our friends and all those things we used to do.  My hope is that one day in the near future, life will again see fit to bring us together.  

Imagine that day, Luke!  I do, all the time.

Miss you always,

Your friend, Llewelynn




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