I'm dying, so please safe me

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"It's amazing, isn't it? How we can adapt ourselves to our surroundings? How we can suppress our emotions? How one's thoughts can go unnoticed?"

A poem about uncertainty and the dying of one's will

Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018



Yes, I'm smiling, I'm laughing still,

but I'm slowly falling ill

I might not show it to the world,

but I am seriously hurt

I play it off as if I'm fine,

but I'm fighting with my heart on the line

I'm broken into a million parts,

I'm cutting myself on the shards

It is my oldest wounds that hurt and bleed,

and it's the doubt that plants the seed

The doubt of you, or no, myself,

the doubt that kills all but itself

And that seed grows into a tree,

that's keeping you away from me

That makes my head so full of shit,

that lets my heart take the hardest hit

Yes, I'm seriously hurt

but I don't show it to the world

I'm slowly falling sick and ill,

but I'm smiling, I'm laughing still

So please, look into my eyes,

and see if something in me dies

Look into those eyes and search for a smile,

but I can say it'll take you a while

You won't find it, I'm not fine,

so please, please save me and make them shine

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