A Hopeless Expedition

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Based of the game Darkest Dungeon. My first actual short story. Tell me everything I did wrong.

Submitted: November 09, 2018

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Submitted: November 09, 2018



Dazed, reeling, about to break. The feeling of a shattered warrior trying to reconcile herself with the fate coming her way. With ringing ears and blurred vision she wondered if she could make it. Not that the physical wounds meant much to her, but the mental stresses were slowly breaking her down. As she knelt from the dizzying attack she began to ponder. Will she succumb to the stresses, identifying with the hopelessness and despair, or unleash her primal yet buried rage and overcome the horrors revealed to her earlier. Not knowing her future, she slowly drew herself up, facing the unholy jangled mess of bones resembling a human. With this glance her fate was decided, set in stone. But before making her final attempt to win, she wondered how she got to this point in the first place.

Eight hours before she was just an apprentice warrior; equipped with her glaive and her ironclad will, she used her adrenaline to fuel her bloodshed. With this power she was hired for a bounty to be collected. Her employer was a rich and considerate man, but seemed troubled by his dark past. However, he needed something slain. And he instructed her to do so. But not just any abomination hiding in ruins, but one specifically. The Necromancer. He earned this title because he was a bit of a special case. Taller than any man and more powerful than any spell caster, he might have been known as an alpha of his kind. This Necromancer was summoning all the horrifying skeletons that wreaked havoc upon villages. Now this unholy creature would have been cleansed from the land if it wasn't for the fact that he hid himself in a cave, or more so, a hole littered with disgusting creatures, traps, diseases, and sights that would make any normal man completely mad just by the sight. The locals called it a dungeon.

Now this warrior could not undertake such a task of eradicating this creature alone- she was assigned three other capable companions, of whom were all hired by the same distraught man. They were wanderers without a cause hired by the same motivation they all needed. Money.

There was a large and sturdy man among the party. He was a man of little word who became a mystery to the rest, covered in rags and sheets of aging metal. Little was known about him, except that the group speculated he was hiding something behind his quiet yet disturbing disposition. He bore a mask that resembled a face, to disguise his true face. No one really knew why, most went on with their own business, but some who were curious never found their answer. But with him he carried a large broadsword that he either seemed to drag or rest on his shoulder, never lifting up for more than a few seconds or holding it like a proper sword. The sword was just as old as his decrepit armour. But it was stable enough to wield in combat. So it would prove  useful. The only doubt in the party is if he would.

Then there was the plague doctor- she was a masked, unknown entity. A woman of little words who threw herself at her foul work, filled with horrors, abominations, and ungodly experiments. Nevertheless, she was an asset. She blighted her foes and provided necessary medical assistance and care. She was a scrupulous person of science and intrigue. Always introverted and self centered. She always closely held her knife, a small curvy thing. Always stained by the blood of god knows what. But with her dark green stained robes she always blended in. Not really showing herself to anyone or anything. The employer found this woman stealing from a hospital and noted her tenacity. And so with the promise of money she needed for her experiments medicines and other things she was motivated enough to help.


Lastly, the priest. He was a holy man, unnerving and and pure. A saint who served in many holy wars. He healed his allies by chanting spells from his book of holy spells and rituals that never left his side. He also cast upon great vengeance on his foes. With a beaming force, he has destroyed countless abominations. Everyone knew of this man, spoiled with fame by his deeds with the church and his martyrship he was well liked as well. But every now and then you would see a crack in this perfect man. An opening to an abyss of darkness hidden deep within himself never to be seen. Some sort of hopelessness. But when the employer knew he needed a leader and a healer to join the group, he knew that this priest was the perfect fit. So he offered to help the church graciously in exchange for help. The priest gladly accepted.

So the team was set, hearts beating together with a false hope conjured up for the motivations everyone gave. But they all knew, that a grave and truly hopeless task was set ahead of them. But bringing their bodies to the wagon, that would bring them to this dungeon. They could only hope for the best.

The wagon halted in front of the dungeon. They heard unbearable screeches that would drive any sane person to madness they slowly entered the heart of darkness.

As they walked through the dungeon, lighting a torch occasionally, they were unnerved by the wretched screams of the damned. They continued and were only affected by minor stresses- nevertheless, they endured. For the sake of the towns and the townsmen, they persisted. But their fear of that wretched creature loomed over them, and upon entering the next room, it became a reality. A fight was inevitable.

There were five unholy creatures scattered across the room; there was the small scout, a reanimated pile of bones carrying a wooden club with old blood stains. Then next to it lay a beast, another pile of old bones but with heavy armor and an axe. But those two could only inflict physical pain, the next three could damage the mind. One of them, the doomsayer, was barely human- a man with an old straight jacket and rags strewn along his body. He shouted and cried at adventures, foretelling their doom. He used to be a man but was corrupted by unspeakable things, but next to him, an unholy priest awakened for a fight. He used to be a normal man, but with power on his mind it turned to the dark arts. He shouted ungodly spells and witchcraft and with his dark circles and spells he casted horrid crimes against his opposers. Lastly, there stood the most gruesome of the three. The occultist. He was medium height and stature, but he carried a skull and a knife in which he would summon curses from another dimension. Usually eldritch horrors which tortured and destroyed adventurers. He would also weaken his foes and slaughter them with other spells and portals. All these...these beasts...woke from their rest and fought.

The skeleton warriors attacked the heroine and leper while the rest attained the priest and plague doctor. The heroine jabbed and swung with piercing yells and wicked force while the leper with his broadsword blocked, and swung with extreme force, but during all that, the other two had to defend themselves. The plague doctor threw plague grenades and applied medicine to the priest. While she was assisting, the priest set up barriers and protective spells and tried to stop the maddening scrawls of the doomsayers. But he noticed something, the monsters did not display a pattern with their attacks. That meant no unity and with no unity, he saw an opportunity to disassemble them.


So he smited the doomsayer with all of his righteous fury, but the occultist kept protecting him. But while the occultist was protecting him and the unholy priest was occupied, the priest attacked him. As the priest was heavily injured the plague doctor threw a diseased grenade at him, killing him with blight and cleansing that unholiness from this land! Now the priest directed his attacks at the madman himself keeping busy the occultist. But as that was transporting, the hellion threw the final jab at the beast to destroy his bones. But after this victory, she witnessed the leper taking heavy hits, so she sprinted, jumped up and struck down on the skeleton, killing him instantly  with a wild scream. After that transpired they both took a second to catch their breath, but while doing so, they noticed their friends were in trouble- the occultist was summoning an eldritch horror to keep the plague doctor busy, leaving the priest alone. So the hellion let out a barbaric scream and sprinted towards the occultist and took a swing, but at that instance, the madman grabbed a knife and jabbed at the hellion, but at the last second, the leper came in and stopped it with his broadsword, allowing the hellion to strike the occultist. He did not die though, but he was injured enough that he released the plague doctor. She fell and was slightly hurt, but zealously stood up. Then they banded together and sought after the madman while the occultist was fixing himself up.

The heroine sliced and diced but the doomsayer just laughed and dodged all of her attacks. Everyone threw all their attacks at him but it never fazed him. While they were blinded by rage, wildly trying to swing at him, the madman kept yelling their dooms, inflicting stresses upon our heros. They were on the brink of breaking down. But as if a light in the midst of this darkness, the madman was struck down by the leper. But through triumphant pride, the warriors were distracted and the occultist returned from his healings. However, right before his attack, boney hands drilled through him, spilling blood on the stone. The occultist fell as a dark voice muttered, “failure”.

The heroes courage, hopes, and dreams were halted as the abomination himself came out from behind the shadows. The necromancer was here.

As the heroes unified, the necromancer stretched himself and laughed. His tall stature peered above them. He sauntered over to their torch, and just like their ambitions, he stuffed it out. The necromancer raised his bones and summoned skeletons; he shouted unholy spells while he drew dark circles. The heroes were outmatched. But in this darkness the heroine raised up and became courageous, leading her allies into battle. Yet the priest, he was done, his battle hardened mind and his heavy heart weighed him into hopelessness. So he buckled. He was no match for this beast! But just as he showed his defeat, a skeleton was raised from the ground and ripped out his organs. Shocked with pain, he tumbled and yelled at his comrades to leave him alone, and as his last breath was exhaled, blood filled his lungs and mouth, and his life was finally, and forever, gone. After witnessing this, the plague doctor ran back to the leper and together they defended themselves while the heroine attacked the necromancer.


The endless barrage of skeletons took their toll on the leper and the plague doctor. The leper only could block so much and the plague doctor could only have so much blight. And then it came, the unforeseen, and the unthinkable. The plague doctor ran out of her disease grenades and her only weapon was her knife. With the stresses of failing, she became abusive, yelling at the leper for his mistakes. Meanwhile the heroine was exhausted. Constantly swinging and dodging attacks from several foes was taxing on her body. And as always, flesh always failed. But not for this woman, her courage and her valor was leading to a victorious battle. Her wild chants and screams increased her adrenaline fueled body to its maximum potential. And as she struck the necromancer, she watched the plague doctor’s head rip off her little body; leaving the leper to fend for himself.

But the leper did well and blocked his way back to the hellion. And then they were together, with the towering horror in front of them. They blocked his attacks and guarded their flesh as they swung like a harmonious blend of attacks. But as fate would have it in its wicked, twisted ways, the necromancer setup up a spell to destroy them. Right before it hit the heroine, she witnessed the leper break the circle and sever the necromancer’s magic. Enraged, the necromancer sliced up the leper into a bloody dismemberment. While distracted, the heroine swung and injured the necromancer. The necromancer then threw the leper’s corpse at the heroine, breaking her mentality. As she saw him lying on the ground, she witnessed the death of her friend, her ally hardened in battle. She was alone.

Dazed, reeling, about to break. Will her courage enlighten her way to victory, or will she break and give up her life? The answer was in her mind, before all this. Her answer to the question of her sanity. The breaking point. And as she looked into the abyss of death and the glory of winning she chose her fate.  And with a scream she finished, the Necromancer.

The problem with death is not that the physical manifestation of a being is nonexistent anymore, it's that the memories and emotions tied to them still exist. This evil was banished to hell, but it still was there, gnawing at the back of her mind. And with what little energy she had left, she gathered herself together. Step by step she exited the dungeon and step by step she went back to the village. She had no memory of the journey home, she was too busy lost in her wicked memories. She barely relished the man in front of her handing her the prize. She was given enough money to last a good while, but was it worth if it was soaked in blood? She asked herself this over and over. Every glance to the damnable money was a glance at her fallen allies, so she threw it into a river with a piercing scream. Then she fell to her knees crying, but also laughing. A mixture of both bonded together by madness. Then, she slept.


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