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This might be a story, but not a love story.

Submitted: November 09, 2018

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Submitted: November 09, 2018



Even with eyes open all I can see is darkness, this place is dark, it was meant to be this dark. Every hole that a light may pass was blocked, as if someone inside hates the light. I don’t need light to see clearly whose sleeping beside me. I can hear the ticking of the clock with the sound of her breathing, our breathing. It blends with the silence of the night, or day? Whatever the day it was today when we get out of this dark room. I feel an itch, but I don’t want to move, I’m afraid to lose her arms wrapped around me, I’m afraid she’ll move her head to the other side, I’m afraid she’ll wake up and all this beautiful thing that I wanted to last came to an end. I stayed and ignore my body’s demand, I hope that itch will go away, I listen still… she’s still sleeping from the sound of her breathing.

“Why you are not sleeping?” husky voice coming from her, I can smell her morning breathe….it turns me on.

“I was wondering” I can feel her face slightly lifted to see me, I didn’t look down to meet those beautiful eyes, I run my hand on her back feeling her curve.

“About what?”

“About everything when we get out of here”

I heard nothing but a deep breath as she tightens her arms around me, I know what it means. I know exactly what we should do when we get out of here. I know where this thing will lead us.


Do I really know?

“Can we stay?” I pull her closer, pressing her warm body to mine. Don’t’ ask me that because I also wanted to stay, my mind says but my mouth utters “Yes, let’s stay a bit longer.”

If only things around are normal. But nothing here is normal. This dark cold room and us two warm bodies, we are helpless. I am helpless, and I made us both helpless. This thing we call us is not even meant to be for us. We are stealing moment and we are hoping this stolen moment will last, fire burns but not forever. As the fire gets out coals and ashes will remain.

We are ashes.

My mind lies to me, it was lying and deceiving me, we cannot outrun time. Soon we need to get up and move, sooner our body will get weary.

How can we confess love when even the love that we had was a lie, I looked at her one more time, tears were running from her eyes, “I’m sorry” that’s the most inappropriate words to hear at this moment but that words perfectly fits us.

“I’m sorry too” and she was sobbing harder. How can I be so selfish owning her? This love is not even written on the book of old ages. I don’t own her, but I took her at the same way she cannot own me, but I let her. As our time slowly fading…. I know exactly what we need to do. I hold her tightly and breathe deeply, that fragrance from her hair and her skin, I will surely miss. I gave her a kiss on her forehead (I know she loves to be kissed that way) putting all my cares and hopes, that someday…. We will forget all this forbidden time. Though forgetting is not what we wanted, but I hope all will just fade with whatever emotion we had poured out this day. I hope we will be forgiven and she will forgive me, and I could forgive myself.

“Let’s stop this” I almost swallowed those words but with little courage that I had, I uttered that, and she just nod.

“Go back to Him, and I will too.”

This might be a story, but not a love story.

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