The Terrific Two

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Iron Hand Falls

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



Chapter 6- The Iron Hand Falls


Dracos and his entourage landed their shuttle on the lawn adjoining The White House. .President Truman (direct decendant of the previous one) turned his chair around in his office and tried to take in this new vision. He watched as six of what appeared to be guards come out first, then more alien looking beings. Cheif among them was one that appeared to be almost eight foot tall with purple skin and white wings.

He reached under his desk and pushed the slient alarm for security. Only problem was it didn't work.

He watched as they got closer and closer. A couple of uniformed secret service agents saw the craft land and came running into the president's office, guns drawn, just as the alien guards came through the glass doors. President Truman was on the other side of his office by now, gazing at what was happneing, still in wonder.

"FREEZE" the agents yelled, aiming their weapons. The alien guards answered by blasting them, leaving incinerated corpses.

President Truman started to run out the door but Dracos was in the oval office by now and let loose a beam from his hand striking the doorway. The president stopped and just stared back at him. More agents were now running down the hall to the oval office, weapons drawn.

"Tell them to stand down or the next beam will be directed toward your head," Dracos said.

Truman complied.

Dracos ordered the guards to take the bewildered president to their craft. Two of them did so while the remaining four kept their weapons leveled at the agents.

By now more of them had gathered around the craft, weapons drawn. Truman ordered them to stand down as well.

Dracos brutally shoved him into the craft and it lifted off, heading towards the UN.

Dracos eyed Truman, noticing that the human showed no fear in his eyes, and that he returned his gaze sternly.

"We have shut down your world's electrical power," Dracos informed him,"we are now en route to your United Nations building."

The craft then landed on the UN grounds. There were a number of people standing and sitting outside since they had no power. They gaped at the craft as it landed.

The alien guards got out first again and leveled their weapons at the crowd. UN guards came running with weapons drawn, but the same thing happened to them as to the White House guards and agents.

Dracos came out, holding the president by his arm. He shoved him into the building.

"Where is their meeting room?" he asked. Tuman just pointed the way.

In a moment Dracos  had made his way to the main auditorium He threw the president on the floor.

There was complete silence. Dracos' guards came and stood in front of him. One leveled their weapon at Truman

"All of you will listen. Do not try anything or attempt to leave this room or this man will die!" Dracos exclaimed


Ray called the admiral who was back in his office. Mike still had the office screen on sonar tracking.

He picked up the receiver. "What is it, Ray?" he asked.

"Sir, something very strange has happened. We have lost all contact with The Pentagon. It's just a white screen. Same thing with the JFK."

"Have the techs checked everything on our end?"

"Aye aye, sir. All  in good working order."

Mike raised his eyebrow and thought for a minute. "Well it could be a satellite problem. Lets give it another hour or two and then try again."

'Aye aye, sir," Ray replied. He sat back down in the commnder's chair and directed his gaze once again to the sonar screen.


Kronos looked at the screen on the bridge of the main ship. He saw that Earth was at a standstill. No cars, boats, or anything else was moving. Then he saw a small blip moving along in the Atlantic, heading northward. He gave the command to enlarge the screen and zero in on the object.

"It appears to be some underwater craft, Lord Kronos. It is moving at thirty of Earth's maritime knots,"the strike force commander said.

Kronos nodded.  "It appears it has the technology to evade our disabling field..Dispatch six of our fighter craft to destroy it. Tell them to approach with caution," he said.


Mike stood next to Ray on the bridge, sipping his coffee. He had a bad feeling.

"Try and contact the White House," he said.

A moment later the same screen came up. Nothing but white.

Chief Archer had been standing over the sonar console,observing the readings.

"Captain!" he exclaimed, "we have six unidentified objects coming at us!. They're doing well over 100 knots!"


End of Chapter 6

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