The Terrific Two

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - THE END?

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017




Chapter 38- The End?


Mike, Ray, Captain Sawyer and the other soldiers all carefully approached Dracos, who lay on the ground, unmoving.

When they got about seven feet from him, he raised up and let loose bolts and blasts from his eyes and hands in a sweeping motion.  All were knocked backward at least a dozen feet.

Up Dracos stood. A second later he was soaring upwards towards the mother ship once again

Ray and Mike were the first ones to regain their footing. Mike ran over to Captain Sawyer.

He lay very still. Mike took his pulse as Ray ran to his side.

"He's dead," Mike said

Suddenly a booming voice filled the pair's heads.

"YOU MUST STOP DRACOS NOW!' the voice of King Tritonus exclaimed, "HE IS GOING TO DESTROY THE EARTH!"

The two took to the sky like Tomohawk missles.


Queen Lavonicus and her troops were now engaged with the aliens. They were invading the main command center of the huge ship.

More and more New Atlantean troops were filling the area. Kronos and the others saw they had no chance and started trying to make their way to escape craft.

Queen Lavoincus saw this and ordered some of her troops to try and out manuever and capture them.

Most of the ship was now in flames.

The inner hull of the command center, right above the windows, had multiple television screens. They showed ship after ship in flames; some crashing.

All over the world the ships were being attacked as if by giant swarms of hornets.

Naval and air base cities, like San Diego, had all their aircraft, cruisers, and destroyers firing missle after missle into the ships. Army bases had deployed their surface to air missles as well.

New Atlantean fighter craft were also inflicting great damage

Dracos smashed through the hull. The queen directed fire at him.

But the mad alien was too quick. He evaded their attack and swooped down towards the queen. She raised her weapon to fire but Dracos' eye bolts blasted it out of her hand. He put his arm around her neck in a choke hold and flew back upwards.

At that same instant Ray and Mike exploded through the hull also. Dracos looked at them and then the troops

"FOLLOW ME AND SHE DIES!" he shouted. Then, with Queen Lavonicus still in his grasp, he turned and flew into an ajoining hall.

All he had to do was get to a switch and throw it. Then his ships, all over the world, would crash and bombs inside them would detonate. Each was nuclear, and individually had the detonation tonage one hundred times of the one dropped on Hiroshima in the second world war.

All the ships were over the most densely populated areas. 

The queen struggled to no avail as Dracos flew around bend after bend in the hallways.

Mike and Ray, guided by Tritonus' thoughts, went after him, but kept out of sight.

Finally Dracos made it to his destination. He turned to see Ray and Mike standing in the doorway. He still had the queen in his grasp.


Suddenly Dracos had bolts of electricity running up and down his body. He yelled and shook in pain, dropping the queen.

She had activated her suit by pressing a button hidden under a cover right behind her right wrist. The suit's exterior had instantly become highly charged, severely electrocuting Dracos.

Mike and Ray raised their hands and fired energy beams at their advesary. Unfortunately though, he fell to his knees at that exact instant and blasted the duo with his eye bolts, knocking them backwards.

The queen was without a weapon; however she bravely stood up and got between Dracos and the switch. He backhanded her out of the way.

Dracos raised his hand and started toward the switch.

In an instant, a figure of extremely bright light stood in his way. Dracos stopped where he was and put his hand over his eyes. He was almost blinded.

Tritonus' voice came into Ray's and Mike's heads again as they got to their feet


A few seconds later, the terriifc two did just that. Dracos felt the beams, now combined into one, strike the back of his head. He screamed in agony and turned around.

Still firing their beams,the pair went down to one knee as Dracos' blasts sailed over their heads.

In what seemed like an eternity, but actually took place in a just few seconds, Dracos' head erupted. It was like watching a water melon that had a grenade inside it explode.

The pair ducked their heads as matter too gross to describe went sailing over.

The two naval officers stood up. Queen Lavonicus was on her feet as well. They all had their gaze directed at the figure of brilliant light, who was still there.

The three approached it.

As Ray and Mike got closer, they began to recognize the figure. The head shape, the smile, the stripes on it's shirt sleeve.

It was the spririt of Chief Archer. 

They stood looking at each other for a few seconds, over the body of headless Dracos.

The chief first saluted Ray, as he wanted to rerturn the salute he had given him when he departed the ALS craft. Then he turned and saluted Mike.They each returned his salute.

 Still smiling and at erect attention, he disappeared.


End of Chapter 38



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