The Terrific Two

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - City Beneath the Sea

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017




Chapter 31-City Beneath the Sea


Ray and Anglelique flew through the interdimensional tunnel as fast as their powers would allow.  The bright orb was still in sight, even though it was a fair distance away.

The floating head of Olivius appeared all of a sudden.

'YOU FOOLS CANNOT ESCAPE MY POWER!!" it bellowed, "nothing has more power than Neptune's Jewel!"

They felt a power slowing them down. Ray raised his hand and fired and energy beam at Olivious' head. It had no affect. She just laughed.

An instant later two figures appeared, wearing some kind of mulitcolored armor. They raised their hands and fired two beams, hitting Ray and Angelique.

Now the pair felt as if they were the rope in a tug of war. The two that suddenly appeared raised their other hands and fired red colored beams at Olivius.

She screamed a hideous curse and slowly faded away.

The two figures that had Ray and Angelique in some sort of tractor beam turned, raised their hands again, and fired another beam which opened a dark portal. Immediately all four dove into it.

Seconds later Ray found himself in a world which had deep cobalt blue skies and heavy light pink clouds. They were decending towards an ocean of emerald color.

A sphere suddenly engulfed them and they plunged into the sea.

Down and down they went for what seemed like a long time. Then Ray saw light.

As they got closer, Ray could make out a huge transparent dome. A few seconds later, he saw that it was an enormous globed city, with tall spiraled towers of many colors. There were craft flying all around and bridges between the towers with hoards of human like figures.

They were taken to a large door built into some metallic structure. It opened and they stepped into a chamber. A few seinds later the water was pumped out and the sphere carrying them dissapeared. Ray breathed in the air, which was fresh and clean.

The two that had rescued them kneeled before Angelique and removed their helmets.

"Welcome home, your majesty," they both said. One of them looked up and asked "Are you all right, my princess?"


Dracos sat on his throne and watched the news. The commentator stated that the UN would be having a gala event three days from then celebrating the day they were established.

Dracos called in his head servant and captain of the guard. He told the head servant to get more detail concerning the event and that he and the empress would be attending. The two departed the room.

The head maid was escorted into the throneroom whereupon she curtsied in front of Dracos and said "I'm afraid, my lord, that the empress wants to have nothing to do with her new wardrobe."

Dracos grinned and rose up. He was expecting this.

"Have her brought before me," he replied. She said "As you wish, my lord,", curtsied again, and left the room.

Dracos switched on another TV which showed Lieutenant Kaufmann tied to a chair. Lilith entered the room.

Dracos rose. 

"I will absolutely not wear those dresses and gowns!" Lilith exclaimed.

The gowns and dresses provided for her were top of the line and very attractive. There was one problem. The seat of each had been cut out. Additionally Lilith had been ordered to wear them without underwear, causing her bare bottom to protrude through the gap

"You will wear whatever is chosen for you or your gallant hero will get worse than this," he said to her, nodding towards the screen showing Kaufmann sitting tied to a chair. Two guards were beside him.

The young army officer was hit in the head with the butt of a rifle type weapon.He was struck so hard that he toppled sideways onto the floor. Then he was raised back up and hit again, causing him to topple over once more.

"All right! All right! I'll do it, you pig!" Lilith shouted.

"Just for your insolence he will pay again," Dracos snarled.He signalled the captian of the guard who relayed the message. Then the same thing happened

Liltih collapsed to her knees and started weeping. Dracos rose and stood over her.

"I am your master and do not forget it," he said, "now get dressed into one of your new gowns. I want to see how you look. Then join me for dinner.

Still weeping, Lilith was escorted upstairs.


Ray could not beiieve his eyes. A vast teaming city underneath an ocean!

There were tall towers with glass of many colors. There were winged creatures flying all around, as well as flying craft, some small, some large.

And Angelique a princess, no less! 

They got aboard a craft which gently left one of the thoroughfares and sped through the air towards what appeared to be an enormous palace in the middle of the city.

A large movement Ray saw out of the corner of his eye suddenly startled him. He looked over and upward and beheld an enourmous whale like creature with a human looking face. The creature looked at them for a few seconds then went on.

"What was that thing?" Ray asked incredulously.

"That was one of the gods who watch over us. It just inquired as to my state of being and I answered"

Ray looked away, scratching the back of his head.

"What is the name of this place?" he asked.

"This is Pleadia, and we are Pleadians. You will learn much more after you have met my father the emporer and my mother the empress." she replied.

The craft made it's way to the grand palace. The structure was of shiny gold with navy blue trim. It flew a huge flag on the highest spire. The flag was of gold and navy blue c like the palace.

A large wall of the same colors surrounding the grounds. The craft landed on a platform inside the wall amongst beautiful gardens of red, blue, green, and gold vegetation.

A multitiude of beings of the same appearance as Anglique came out of the palace and surrounded Ray and her.  Many embraced her and greeted Ray warmly.

Suddenly they stopped and parted for two tall beings of the same race. They all knelt as the pair passed. 

Angelique knelt also. Ray saw what was occurring so he did the same.

The two were dressed in royal regalia of gold and navy blue. They both had small jeweled crowns on their heads. 

The male, or what Ray assumed was the male, had very noble chisled features and his companion was quite beautiful.

They both embraced Angelique after she rose. Suddenly they were silent and just looked at each other.

Ray surmised they were communicating. Occasionally they would glance at him.

When they finished they turned and walked up a ramp and into the palace. Angelique clasped Ray's hand and they followed.


End of Chapter 31.




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