The Terrific Two

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - A Twist of Fate

Submitted: November 08, 2016

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Submitted: November 08, 2016



Chapter 18-A Twist of Fate


The truck carrying the Delta Force commandos sped into the night, rounding each curve as swiftly as could safely be allowed.  Headlights shown onto one set of trees after another ; the vehicle wheels slightly screeching.

The team had set the timer for 20 minutes, allowing them ten to rendevouz with the German Army helicopter and another ten to safely vacate the area.

All on board the truck,except the driver, had heads bowed and heavy hearts. The explosion would take out a segment of innocent populace. But they had their orders from the top, and had no choice but to carry them out.

As the vehicle rounded a bend the driver slammed on his brakes. The commando next to him looked over and saw how wide his eyes were. Then he looked forward.

About ten feet in front of the truck was some sort of monster; that was the only way to describe it. The beast had to be almost eight feet in height and had huge white wings. It also had a large muscular body and beady red eyes which glared at them. In an instant, it moved forward and grabbed the front bumper.

With tremeindous ease it flipped the entire truck over, lengthwise. At the same time a spacecraft was landing near the site where the bomb was.  Alien guards managed to get to it and disarm the device with about twelve minutes to spare.

Dracos walked towards the driver's side of the cab. At the same instant several commandos came out of the back and got to their feet. Dracos smashed the driver's window and yanked him out.

"You fool" he snarled, "did you honestly think we would not be able to detect your primative detonation device?"

 With that he threw him up into the air and blasted him with a hand beam. Nothing but ashes fell to earth.

Three commandos opened fire on Dracos, who covered himself with his wings warding off the bullets. At the same time, two more craft landed in  back of the overturned truck and alien guards jumped out of them too.

By this time the remaining five american fighting men had all gotten out of the truck and were engaging the aliens. Dracos flew up about fifity feet and watched with amusement as the firefight took place. His guards had not seen action in a while and he viewed this as a "pop quiz" of sorts for them.

Three of the alien guards went down and only two of the earthlings were now left. One took cover next to the front part of the truck and aimed a weapon at Dracos. He fired a grenade at him but red bolts shot out of the  monster's eyes and blasted it before it could reach him.

Dracos made no move to destroy his attacker. He wanted to see how his guards would dispatch him. He watched with arms folded and a wry smile on his face.

The commando reloaded and ran off into the trees.  More guards came after him as he turned and fired. Four aliens went down but three outflanked him and fired their weapons.

Now none of the soldiers were left.


Mike was amazed at how fast these things were coming. Fortunately it was a full moon and he had no problem seeing them. He knew he had to get past these creaturesand get to Ray, otherwise his partner was probably going to wind up as either a midnight snack or a hearty breakfast.

Mike soared upward just as the beasts were closing in.  He did a mid air twist and fired energy beams at one and then the other, scoring direct hits. He watched as feathers flew and  two overgrown buzzards plummet to the ground.

He suddenly started to panic as he lost sight of the beast carrying Ray. Mike rocketed in the direction he was orignally going, but staying at the same elevation to get a better view.

He barely caught glimpse of a pair of wings decending into some treetops. With the speed of a bullet he rocketed towards them.

Now he was in darkness. Suddenly loud squaking noises erupted not too far away,causing him to head in that direction.

Mike used his glove as a spotlight and couldn't believe his eyes. There must have been hundreds of gigantic nests. Dozens of heads turned his way. A few really large ones, he assumed to be some kind of sentries, rose from branches and began their attack.

The navy officer viewed this as an opportunity to make a show for the others. He dove as they got closer and came back up again, facing their backs. The beasts were no match for his speed or manueverability. Mike let loose with heat rays, roasting four of them. The screeching was such that he had never heard.

In thE meantime Ray was plopped down into a nest which had three clamouring young ones. He awoke in an instant as one of them sunk it's beak into his arm.

He yelled in pain and saw two other beaks coming at him, momma bird watching all this time.

Ray shot out of the nest like a missile. . Before momma bird could do anything Ray froze them in a large block of ice.

He heard a lot of commotion and looked to where it was coming from. He then saw a large spotlight flying in mid air, with the giant buzzards giving it plenty of leeway.

Ray sailed towards the source, calling his friend's name. They met then and shot straight up, clearing the treetops. The two then sped back to where they had come from.

Once they got back into the crevice, both collapsed in exaustion, breathing heavily.

"I don't ever mind being invited to dinner," Ray said between breaths, "but I sure as hell don't like it when I'm the main course!"

After they had rested a little they rose and went deeper into the forest. Another deeper crevice presented itself before too long.

"I think I can take the watch, Ray," Mike said, "at least for a little while."

"Much appreciated, sir" he replied.

Ray slept for a while and then woke, relieving Mike of watch duty. Some time later, as the sun rose, Mike woke up. They both looked at each other.

"I'm famished and I'm sure you are too," Mike said, "let's see if we can hunt down some breakfast and do some planning and stratagizing while we eat."

They wandered for a while and Ray saw another small animal darting around in a clearing. He went after it and caught it this time.

Little did they know that a number of pairs of eyes were now watching them ; nine from a crystal ball and five from a nearby hill.


End of Chapter 18.

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