The Terrific Two

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Savage Skies

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



Chapter 17- The Savage Skies


Lieutenant Kaufmann was on his feet in an instant, after pulling his knife from it's ankle sheath. He slammed his body down on the alien guard before it had a chance to really discern  what was happening.

What the army ranger did next to the alien's throat was not a pretty sight. Lilith, observing all that was takiing place, said a silent prayer. She asked for devine intervention to insure that the creature would not make sound.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the american commando rose to his feet, blood dripping from his hands. He looked down at the lifeless body for just a second, end then back to Lilith. She gave him the OK sign. Next they were crawling towards the road again

The lieutenant wore his patrol cap and had camouflage paste all over his exposed skin areas. The cap insured that if his head brushed a limb, it would make no noise. And it's silouette was not as noticeable as a round helmet.

They reached the road and still stayed down. The pair waited and listened for any oncoming traffic. There was none.

"Let's go", Kaufmann whispered. Lilith murmured a second prayer that they would not be noticed those few seconds that they were exposed. An instant later the two were on their feet ; it took only two seconds to get to the other side.

The pair stopped for a second and lay down next to a log, it's other side facing the road. They then got up, still breathing heavily and hunched down, and started  making their way deeper into the forest.

The only sounds they heard were the chirping of crickets and the hooting of what must have been a good sized owl.


If Lilith and her rescuer had stayed next to the road for another ten minutes, they would have seen a truck go by which said "Shultz Freight Company" in german on it's side.

The two driving were average looking men in their mid twenties.

The truck passed by the palaces and continued on an eastbound curve into the night.

Suddenly it took a rough turn into the woods no more than a quarter of a mile from the main castle.

It was not a very large truck; measuring about thirty five feet in length. It ventured off the road and  stopped in a heavily wooded area.

The two in the cab got out and went to the back, opening it.

Out came four Delta Force commandos, all dressed in black, painted with camouflage, and wearing night vision goggles.  They took cover and raised their weapons. Two more came out, both with large backpacks. One was somewhat circular.

The two with backpacks proceeded deeper into the forest with the other four following them. The driver went to the back of the truck and came out with two weapons and night vision goggles. He handed a set to the other that was in the cab and they both knelt behind  shrubbery, training their weapons on the road.

The two with backpacks stopped about 100 feet into the forest and dislodged their backpacks. The other four fanned out and  knelt behind some bushes, training their weapons in front of them. Not a word was spoken.

The commando with the circular backpack took out something that resembled a fifity five gallon drum, only much smaller.  The other took out something that looked like a timing device. They attached the two objects and one flipped a switch. A very soft ticking noise started eminating..


Ray and Mike landed rather roughly in a small forest clearing. It was nightime. They both got on their feet and started brushing themselves off. 

The duo had arrived in New Atlantis a couple of earth surface days ago, in dark jackets and their standard tan US Navy uniforms with standard issue black shoes. Queen Lavonicus had arranged for their unitforms to be dyed in a mixture of green, brown, and black to give them camouflage. They had also kept their pistol belts which had first aid pouches, canteens, water purification tablets, and a large tubular shaped pouch attached to the back. It contained food.which was similar to beef jerky but did not taste as good.

Unfortinately, in the struggles with the Snow Giants, the pouch containing food had been ripped to shreds.

"Let's get out of this clearing and see if we can find a place to recuperate without almost getting ourselves killed for once," Mike said.

"You get a big aye aye sir from me on that," Ray responded

They made their way into the surrounding woods and eventually came upon a crevice, which they then climbed into..

"I'll take the first watch, sir" Ray said.

"You won't get any argument out of me," Mike responded

The rear admiral sat down and opened his first aid pouch. He took two pain killers and lay down. A few moments later he was fast asleep.

Ray gazed back at him and a flood of memories came to his mind. They had been freinds since early grade school, and both of them had been victims of physical abuse.

One rainy day, when they were about ten yers of age, in their tree house, they swore to each other that they would eventually find their way out of the ugly situation they were in. The two agreed to study hard and excel in sports and other activities, paving the way for their entranc into the US Naval Academy.

Years later their dream came true. Both graduated with honors and entered SEAL (sea, air, and land commando) training.

Mike had saved Ray's life one night in a raid upon a terrorist stronghold.  The navy captain had never forgot that.

They both also attended The Naval Nuclear Power School together and it had been a genuine stroke of luck that they eventually wound up serving on the Seastar at the same time.

It was no doubt that one would not hesitate to give his life for the other.


Suddenly Ray heard something that sounded like a small animal scurrying in the close shrubbery.

They both had not eaten in at least ten hours. Ray was starving and he was sure that his partner was in the same shape.

He quietly made his way out of the crevice and shown a dim light from his glove upon the surrounding foliage. He saw something resembling a rabbit darting around.

An instant later, the air was filled with the sound of something gigantic, swooping down. Ray glanced up just in time to see a giant claw grab him. He was then slammed into a large tree trunk.

The world then went black before his eyes.

About fifty feet away, Mike raised an eyelid. 


President Henry (or Hank to his freinds)Truman stood in one of the hallways in the White House, gazing at the picture of his grandfather.

He often did this, especially during times of the most insurmountable situations. He  wondered on numerous occasions  exactly how Harry would have handled these things.

It was about 2:45 AM local time. He filled his coffee cup ( the one with the picture of Theodore Roosevelt on it) and took the hidden elevator back down to his secret  subterranean office.

He sat down at his desk and rubbed his eyes. He then glanced at the picture of his wife and two children.

"Time for a new one," he thought, as it was a little over four years old. 

Henry could not sleep. This was the most stressful and unknown predicament he had ever been in in his life so far. 

It was a tremendous risk that he and the German government had agreed to. Probably the biggest of all time. Not to mention dealing with all the innocent lives that would be lost.

He would not know anything until in the morning as he had ordered a communication blackout. The alien technology of his enemy could probably easily allow them to listen in.

He felt sick to his stomach. Bowing his head, he said a silent prayer.


Mike climbed out of the crevice and shown his glove light all around. At that point he heard a noise that sounded like large wings flapping in the air. He directed the light upwards into the sky.

Mike caught the site of a pair of US Navy issue black shoes sticking out of an enormous claw. He gasped as he raised the light  just a bit, taking in the size of the monster that was carrying Ray into the sky.

It looked as big as a two story house with about a hundred foot wingspan.

In an instant he was soaring into the dark sky. 

Three of the giant birds suddenly appeared out of nowhere, racing towards Mike. Their claws were outstreched. They gave the appearance of something that was a cross between a  gigantic red hawk and a vulture.


End of Chapter 17


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