The Terrific Two

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Discovery

Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



Chapter 10-The Discovery


Lilith sat at the dining room table looking down at her empty plate. Then she looked up at the beautiful chandeliers and then back down again, her eyes still swollen with tears. Soon, the servant came and served her roast pheasant.

Dracos and her sat alone in the private dining room. In the main dining room were his higher ranking officers.

Lilith was wearing a navy blue dress and a string of pearls. They were real, not imitation.

With the help of one of the palace staff, one of the guard commanders had gone into town and "procured" a complete wardrobe and large set of jewelry for her.The navy blue gown complimented her to the extreme. She had also had her hair styled.

She wasn't touching her meal. Dracos looked over at her, a glass of German white wine in his hand.

"You have to accept things as they are," he began, "they are not going to change . Out of all the human females of this planet I have chosen you. Your world is in my clutches. I will never let go.It is completely in my power."

Her head stayed bowed and she still said nothing. Dracos started breathing heavily with anger.  Then he crushed the wine glass, the fragments sprinkling on the table.

Suddenly there was loud laughter and the sound of a window breaking. Dracos got up and went to see what had happened.

One of his commanders had apparantly gotten intoxicated and hurled a wine bottle through one of the stain glassed windows. He had also grabbed one of the servants and was trying to pull her to him. She was struggling to get away.

Dracos walked over to him, turned him around, and backhanded him across the room. He hit the wall so hard he  put an indentation in it.


Dracos had told his commanders not to cause any unwarranted trouble. While they controlled this planet, the less ill will towards them the better as far as he was concerned.

He grabbed the commander and pulled him about two inches from his face.

"You will personally help repair all this damage," he snarled, "I will inspect and it had better be perfect."  He then let him drop.

When Dracos went back to join Lilith he noticed  that she was gone. He glanced up at one of the servers.

"Where did she go?" he asked.

"Up to her room, my lord" she replied.

Dracos grinded his teeth and walked out of the palace. He went through the gate and over the moat, proceeding to a large tree.

Dracos swung and punched it, causing it to topple. The force was so great it created a domino affect, knocking over six more.


Mike and Ray had been trudging along in the dark for about three hours. "Lets take a break," Mike said. With that, they sat down in some soft dirt

"It's a damn good thing we managed to get our supplies," Ray remarked, "otherwise we'd be up shit's creek, stumbling around in the dark unarmed."

They had already heard some small shuffling noises several times. Apparantly this place had some kind of life.

"I heard that," Mike replied, "and it's also a damn good thing we have extra flashlight batteries."

They switched off their flashlights and sat for a moment. It was as quiet as a tomb and pitch dark.

The pair had been going now for about eighteen hours without rest. Mike told Ray to get some shuteye while he stayed on watch.

The navy captain turned over on the soft dirt and about five minutes later he was fast asleep.

Mike sat there and contemplated their situation. Even if they were to ever get back to the earth's surface, what kind of situation would they have to confront?

They also had rations for only about three days.

Suddenly Mike heard a noise and he turned on his flashlight, directing it towards the source.

He saw a blur that resembled some kind of figure dash behind a bolder.

Mike rose and pulled his Colt 45 Commnder from his holster and chambered a round. Then he nudged Ray. Ray looked up at him.

"I think we may have some questionable company", he whispered.

Ray got up and pulled his weapon as well.

"Over there where that bolder is. I thought I saw something," Mike whispered again

"We should probably split up and one goes to one side of the bolder and the other to the other side, "suggested Ray.

It was deathly quiet. 

They slowly walked towards the bolder and then split. When they made it to the back, nothing was there.

"Well," said Mike, "maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me."

They holstered their weapons and walked back to the soft dirt. Ray laid back down and Mike again took the vigil.

Then he felt something hard poke his back. He rose again, turning around,and got out his weapon. Ray heard Mike getting up again and rose also, pulling his weapon as well. Ray also turned on his flashlight.

They were face to face with several large creatures. The creatures had what appeared to be long rifle like weapons. They moved lightening fast and knocked the pistols out of Mike's and Ray's hands and leveled their weapons at them.

These creatures were all about seven feet tall. They had fishlike scales and their color was a mixture of white and green. Their eyes were emerald green.

Mike and Ray raised their hands.

Ray tried a one in a million shot and said "We are peaceful! We mean no harm to anyone."

In a language that could not be understood, the creaures grunted at them and forced them to turn around. Three stayed in back while three got in front of them. They were forcefully nudged to start walking.

Apparantly these beings could see in the dark. Mike and Ray stumbled a couple of times.

The walk took about thirty minutes. Before they arrived at their destination, Mike and Ray saw a great light coming from a lower part of the landscape.

Suddenly they found themselves on a great precipice, looking down at a vast city. There were glass towers, huge lighting structures, and flying craft; not to mention a teaming multitude of the same sort of creatures


End of Chapter 10.

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